Below is a list of all of the barrels available in the game. To get the next level barrel, research the previous level barrel at the Tech Research System in Herbert Research. Once researched, the next level barrel can be produced at the MPO 3D Printing System in Nilson Engineering. Each higher-tier barrel requires more resources to produce.

A barrel is only usable when linked with a heatsink and gun core. The barrel adds to the gun's overall critical chance; critical hits deal double the normal damage.

List of all BarrelsEdit

Barrel Name Critical Chance (%) Link Capacity Research Chip Level Needed Engineering Chip Level Needed
Barrel 'Serious Harry' C42 4 50 1 1
Barrel 'Serious Harry' C58 6 50 1 1
Barrel 'Serious Harry' C72 8 50 1 1
Barrel 'Dancing Doll' F330 10 50 1 2
Barrel 'Dancing Doll' F360 12 100 2 2
Barrel 'Dancing Doll' F420 14 150 2 2

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