The Nano Reconstruction Bay is a machine that is used to repair various items. It is found exclusively in Central Control. It can be improved by installing better research software, increasing its repair speed, item slots, and repair capacity.

The bay is not capable of repairing an item to brand-new-quality. Initially, with level 1 research software, it can only repair an item to 50% of its maximum durability (e.g. 300/600 durability). The repair capacity increases by a flat 5% for each improved research level software (i.e. 55% for level 2, 60% for level 3, and 65% for level 4.

In addition, the bay initially can only repair two items at a time, with a third slot being available but not functional. Level 3 research software will allow this third slot to function, allowing the bay to repair three items at once.

The bay requires time to repair an item. Initially, the bay will repair items at "Repair Speed 1", where it generally only repairs about 1 durability per minute. Each improved research level software increases the speed by 1, which generally increases the repair speed. Repair speed varies between items; for example, at level 4, it may restore 1 durability a minute for a shotgun, but restore 2 per minute for an SMG. This suggests that the absolute repair speed may be a percentage of the maximum durability, or that different items simply have different absolute speeds, but the details are not known.

The bay can repair anything that has durability. This includes reactor modules, weapons, and suits.

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