Below is a list of all of the heatsinks available in the game. To get the next level heatsink, research the previous level heatsink at the Tech Research System in Herbert Research. Once researched, the next level heatsink can be produced at the MPO 3D Printing System in Nilson Engineering. Each higher-tier heatsink requires more resources to produce.

A heatsink is only usable when linked with a gun core and barrel. Each shot of a gun generates heat; better heatsinks can dissipate this heat faster as well as tolerate more heat. If the gun overheats by exceeding the heatsink's heat capacity, then West will automatically drop the gun to the ground.

List of all HeatsinksEdit

Heatsink Name Heat Capacity Cooldown Rate (seconds) Link Capacity Research Chip Level Needed Engineering Chip Level Needed
Heatsink 'Frost' 100 50 4 50 1 1
Heatsink 'Frost' 200 60 4 50 1 1
Heatsink 'Frost' 300 70 5 50 1 1
Heatsink 'Thor' 350 80 5 50 1 2
Heatsink 'Thor' 360 90 5 100 2 2
Heatsink 'Thor' 420 100 6 150 2 2

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