Herbert Research is the research laboratory of the Mars colony, and is Albert West's previous place of employment, before he was branded a murderer. It can be accessed through Central Control via a staircase that is locked by a Herbert Research Keycard. It requires 1300 units of power to be active.
Herbert Research

The map of Herbert Research.


Herbert Research occupies a single floor and has its own oxygen and thermal generators, like other sub-Central locations. The northern portion of the floor is occupied by a large lab that holds the Bio Research System and Tech Research System, as well as containers that hold a Biosphere Keycard and two sub-door keycards. The southwestern corner of the floor is occupied by residential rooms, including four bedrooms. The generators are to the east and west of the lab.

West can access the research systems in order to create blueprints for a variety of items. The systems simply require either a data chip or the item itself in order to break the item down (thus consuming the item in the process); once the item is broken down, the system will automatically create a blueprint and send a copy to Nilson Engineering's 3D Printer and Bio Combine System, where West can use the blueprints to create the respective item. As far as gameplay is concerned, blueprints are not an actual item; once an item is fully researched, it (and an improved version, if applicable) will become an option for production at either the 3D Printer (for tech research) or the Bio Combine System (for bio research).

According to a journal, the databases that contained all of the colony's blueprints were completely wiped before evacuation was done, just in case Earth got involved.

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