The MPO Biosphere was the primary producer of food for the Mars colony. It can be accessed via a staircase in Central Control, behind a locked door that requires an MPO Biosphere Keycard. It requires 1300 units of power to be active.

The map of the MPO Biosphere.


The biosphere has one floor, like other sub-Central locations, and its own oxygen and thermal generators. The biosphere mostly consists of two large rooms near the entrance, where robots tend to the produce; living quarters just south of the production rooms; and the generators to the north.

Near the entrance of the biosphere is the MPO Biosphere Accelerator, which Albert West can use to tell the biosphere to produce specific foods. The biosphere initially can only produce tomatoes and grapes, but more options become available as the Biosphere Accelerator's software is improved (the software container is just south of the accelerator). All produce can be eaten by West, but since they are potentially contaminated and do little to satisfy West's hunger and thirst, doing so is not recommended.

Once production of an item is complete, it is automatically deposited into the Material Storage. West can then go to the MPO Bio Processing System in Nilson Engineering to refine the produce that is in the Material Storage. This consumes the produce to obtain unique materials that are used in a variety of 3D Printer blueprints.

Besides the Biosphere Accelerator, also of note is the Shuttle Fuel Data Chip, found in the administrative office in the northeast room of the biosphere (red beacon on the map above). Although the chip requires level 3 research software, it is essential to West's goal of escaping the colony.

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