The MPO Mine is an automated facility where the Mars colony harvested a number of minerals from the planet. It is accessed through Central Control via a staircase that is locked by an MPO Mine Keycard. The mine requires 1300 units of power to be active.

The map of the MPO Mine.


The mine spans one floor and has its own oxygen and thermal generators, like other sub-Central locations. The residential area covers the western portion of the floor. The generators are in the northeast corner. The rest of the floor is occupied by mining instruments, and containers with Nickel Ore, Ilmenite Ore, and the occasional Palladium can be found scattered about these areas.

The primary use for the mine for Albert West is excavating minerals via the MPO Mine Extractor machine, and the minerals can be refined by an MPO Ore Refining System. The resulting materials can be used to create a variety of items, including weapons and software. When West first finds the mine, it is only capable of mining Nickel Ore and Ilmenite Ore, but its options are expanded as its software is improved.

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