Murray Space Center is the local space station for MPO. It is accessed via tram, but it is locked by the Space Center Keycard. It takes 1 hour 44 minutes to reach it from Central Control and requires 5000 units of power to be active.

The map of Murray Space Center


Murray Space Center occupies one floor and has its own oxygen and thermal generators. The center and east parts of the floor are occupied by tourist attractions: display cases showing off jewelry made from various Martian metals and a large food area. The west area seems to be a luggage area, and has an abundance of miscellaneous items, as well as the generators (the oxygen generator is locked behind a Class A door. The southwest area is the control station, and holds the Space Suit Plans as well as a journal. The northern portion is dominated by three launching pads and some large containers; it is here that Albert West finds that Shuttle 2 is not launched, and decides to use it to escape MPO. A Broken Navigation Module is found near the shuttle and is essential to launching the shuttle.

A functioning Navigation Module and five cells of Space Shuttle Fuel are required to launch the shuttle.

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