Nilson Engineering was one of the first areas built on the Mars colony, and is the primary producer for virtually all of the colony's items. It can be accessed from Central Control via a staircase locked behind a door that requires the Nilson Engineering Keycard. It requires 1300 units of power to be active.

The map of Nilson Engineering.


Nilson Engineering takes up a single floor and has its own oxygen and thermal generators like other sub-Central locations, but is quite large and almost contains the most usable machines of any location, second only to Central Control. All of these machines are found in an exceptionally large room in the center of the floor, spread about with the Material Storage and Production Output in the center of the room. The southern half of the floor is taken up by residential rooms: small bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a recreation room, and a medical office. The oxygen and thermal generators are found in the west, as well as a staircase to Herbert Research, locked with a sub-door keycard. To the east and north are a plethora of containers that hold an abundance of Miscellaneous items, perfect for use with Nilson's MPO Tech Recycle System and MPO Bio Recycle System.

The machines in Nilson are (starting in the northwest in clockwise order) the MPO Ore Refining System, a remote MPO Biosphere Accelerator, the MPO Tech Recycle System, the MPO 3D Printing System, the MPO Bio Combine System, the MPO Bio Recycle System, a remote MPO Mine Extractor, and the MPO Bio Processing System. The remote terminals work identically to the local machines that are found in the Biosphere and Mine, but require level 2 software in the respective location to work. Only the 3D Printer and Bio Combine System have software that can be improved.

The Ore Refining and Bio Processing Systems are used to refine items that are produced from the Mine and Biosphere, respectively. The Bio Combiner and 3D Printer are used to produce items using a variety of materials. The Recycle Systems are used to break down items into their core materials, which can be used with the Combiner or Printer. The remote terminals are used to control the Mine and Biosphere without directly visiting them, but require level 2 software to use. For more details on how each machine works, please visit their respective pages.

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