Status effects are unique conditions that affect Albert West's health and/or performance. Any status effects that are afflicting West are shown on the left side of the interface, just above West's health. Below is a list of each known status effect, its consequences, its cause(s), and how to eliminate it.

Each icon changes color based on the effect's severity or urgency, beginning at yellow (for least severe), advancing to orange, and stopping at red (most severe). Once an effect reaches its "red" state, additional effects may start occurring if the effect is not treated. Not all status effects are negative, however. The aforementioned icon colors do not apply to positive status effects.


"Needs" refers to the basic sustenance requirements that West must meet in order to live, such as food, oxygen, and sleep. A need will eventually display a status icon if it is neglected for long enough. Each need increases as time passes. Click the heading to see how to alleviate each individual need.


A mutant's melee attack may cause West to start bleeding. While bleeding, West's HP will not recover naturally, he will slowly lose HP, and his thirst will increase much more quickly. A bandage can be applied to alleviate the bleeding (the HP and thirst loss) and eventually heal the wound; more advanced bandages will heal the wound faster.


If West is hit by a stronger mutant's melee attack, his leg may be fractured. While fractured, West is crippled (incapable of running and dodging), and his max stamina is reduced to about 1/4 of its normal value. A nanocasting kit can be applied to set the fracture, preventing it from getting worse. The kit will eventually heal the fracture completely, and West will recover his mobility. More advanced nano casting kits will heal the fracture faster. If a kit is not applied, the fracture will gradually worsen as West moves about, and he will eventually lose health with each step.


Previously called crippled, this particular status removes West's ability to run and dodge. It can be caused by either a fracture or prolonged exposure to a cold environment without proper equipment.


Applying marsmari allows West to temporarily detect the presence of nearby lifeforms (primarily enemies, since there aren't many other lifeforms in the colony), which will glow red. The detection distance and duration of the effect itself depends on how advanced the applied marsmari is.


Applying musclemax temporarily increases West's melee strength, such that each melee attack deals more damage than usual. The damage buff and duration increase with more advanced musclemax applications.


Applying windroid temporarily grants West improved mobility by giving him unlimited stamina and making him move faster. The strength and duration of the improved mobility increases with more advanced windroid applications.

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